Fighting Hate Crimes One High Kick at a Time

The Storyline of Dragzilla

The comic book takes place in a fictional city much like San Francisco called Straightlandia, in a 70’s like era. In Straightlandia it is illegal to be out of the closet and can get you arrested. Hate crimes against gay people are a common occurrence. The government/police don’t enforce the laws, nor do they investigate any hate crimes. Corruption rules the city of Straightlandia. If allies try to protect LGBTQ people they also are at risk.

One fateful night Andrew (the alter ego) is walking home from the Triangle Connection, the secret gay club. He's confronted by Roid Rage and the Meatheads. They beat him inches from his life. Calling out for help a fairy dragmother appears to answer his call. Glimmer saves him and gives him a gift. The ability to transform into a drag queen superhero named Dragzilla

Will he go back to living in fear or will he embrace the gift of transforming into a superhero who can save the LGBTQ community? Find out more when the first issue is released this summer.


Is the city in Dragzilla. Years ago the city council made it illegal to be openly gay. Any sign that you might be different could can land you in jail, including allies who help anyone in the LGBTQ community


The secret gay club that Electric owns. It is a safe haven for the LGBTQ community. It's hidden behind a second hand store that Electric runs. You can enter the club through a secret dressing room.


Magical duct tape given by Glimmer that Andrew (DZ alter ego) uses to transform into Dragzilla. The super tuck is also used to capture bad guys. 

Dragzilla Illustrations

The Characters of Dragzilla

  • Andrew

    Dragzilla's alter ego. A shy, geeky bear who runs a tech company.
  • Dragzilla

    A drag queen superhero who fights hate crimes one high kick at a time.
  • Glimmer

    Dragzilla's fairy dragmother. She appears to 
  • Miss Connection

    Dragzilla's best friend who runs the operations behind Dragzilla. She's transgender and a hacker.
  • Electric

    A straight ally who runs the secret club the Triangle Connection. It is a safe haven for the LBTBQ.
  • Roid Rage

    The main villain. He roams the streets with his two henchmen, The Meatheads, looking to hurt anyone that looks different.